A Night Walk In Osaka

After Hours At An Osaka Downtown Side Street

Walking is my favourite way to discover and get acquainted with a place. Feet on the ground, all eyes and ears absorbing the full ambiance of the place; the sights, sounds and smells. Observing folk going about their activities, the shops, the excitement of discovering what’s further up or down a street, round the corner, checking out a shop or a trade, discovering an eatery, a restaurant, etc. At times, it’s a famous or touristic part of the city, at times not; it don’t matter, as long as there is something interesting and worthwhile seeing/doing and I am assured it is safe to be there.

Walking Up To A Good Taste Bar

Osaka, at a glance, is just like any other major cities in Japan, it is orderly, clean, and densely populated with modern stylish architecture. In my brief acquaintance with Osaka, I find the city’s smaller population and size, in comparison to Tokyo, gives it a more spacious feel, with a warmer, friendlier atmosphere and character, which I find particularly appealing. Its main streets and side streets, a colourful and exciting blend of lights and sound in the night, teeming with charming mom-and-pop shops here and there and ‘street life’ are especially interesting and begging to be explored and discovered. Best of all, it’s perfectly safe to walk about and photography is respected. I hope you will enjoy this selection of scenes and shops which made an impression on me that night. I enjoyed photographing them very much, the rendering of the XF 35mm lens just made it that much sweeter :).

Good times at a seafood restaurant after work …

A Seafood Restaurant

For that Oxford look, English genteel quality and service guaranteed …

Oxford Apparels

Sobering up in mid travel …

Sake Rising

For a more quiet relaxed setting and where the bartender knows you by name …

A Neighbourhood Bar

No worries if you need to pick up a few items or in need of some snacks or drinks after hours before heading home …

A Grocery Store

Good night, Osaka. A brand new day awaits …

Good Night, Osaka

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm


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