Prince Of Egypt – A Musical

The Wesley Methodist School KL (Int.) recently held a ‘Prince Of Egypt’ musical for three consecutive nights in late April. It was one of many events which the school is organizing to raise funds for the renewal of lease for the school land which will be expiring in a few years time. As it is for a good cause, we were only happy to support and bought tickets for the first night’s show.

‘Things Cannot Be As They Were’

The epic journey of Moses from slave to prince to deliverer which has been told and retold for centuries was beautifully and colourfully brought to life within a three hour production with the right balance of play, song and dance. It was highly entertaining, an admirable effort and performance from the entire team, they certainly did the school and themselves proud that night.

‘Let My People Go’

‘I Will Not Be The Weak Link’

It was literally a cast of hundreds with students from respective year’s and teachers forming the production team, contributing in one way or another their talent, expertise and time to make it a great showcase for the school. There were a few glitches here and there on the premiere night’s performance, but they were minor; and most importantly, everyone enjoyed the show.

‘When You Believe’ Duet

Soloists And Choir

‘When You Believe’ Duet

The Choir

Soloist And Choir

Song Of Freedom Dance

When You Believe Dance

When You Believe Dance 2

Audio And Visual Effects Artistry

Parting The Red Sea

The Pursuit

The Water Returns

The Finale

Curtain Call – Main Cast

Curtain Call – Main Cast

Curtain Call – Aaron And Hotep

Curtain Call – Jethro And The Three Sisters

Curtain Call – The Voice Of God And Narrator

Curtain Call – Supporting Cast

Curtain Call – Palace Maids

Curtain Call – Dancers

Curtain Call – Dancers

Curtain Call – Dancers

Curtain Call – Dancers

Principal’s Closing Address

Seated quite close to the stage and in the middle of a row, I would have distracted the audience attention and enjoyment of the show with my photography. During the intermission, I found an unobtrusive spot further back the hall, and shot some highlights of the musical from thereon with a zoom lens. Not ideal, but I think it worked quite well for some of the scenes and moments, which I have posted here.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200mm

A Room With A View – 2

A Room With A View In Downtown Ho Chin Minh City

I was already a happy chappy when the front desk informed they are upgrading me to a higher end room, I was even happier when I stepped into the room and noticed the beautiful view of downtown Ho Chin Minh City framed by the large window area with a vermilion lounge chair set next to it and a lovely looking floor lamp by the side. Another great setting for a ‘room with a view’ shot to add to the series, I thought. Well, yes, but it took a few days (I had the luxury of biding my time as I was on a long stay at the hotel) and a couple of attempts to get the right balance of lighting between the external surroundings and within the room for a proper balanced exposure, while at the same time finding sufficient drama in the sky for an interesting and moody shot, before I was happy with the outcome. Hope it works for you 🙂

Ho Chin Minh City is certainly developing fast with already a number of landmark high rise buildings dotting the downtown skyline, more are expected to join the club soon by the looks of the numerous high rise construction projects happening all round.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


Chinese Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie)

Assortment Of Ingredients Which Goes Into Making Chinese Dumplings (Zhongs)

Today is Chinese Dumpling Festival (Duan Wu Jie) day. It was on June 13th 2013 that I wrote a short post on the origin of the Chinese Dumpling Festival and shared some photos, does not seem that long ago at first thought thinking about it, until I start recollecting and reminiscing on some of the events that transpired between then and now, it then sinks in, time flies. Frankly speaking, when I started, I did not expect to have the stamina to be blogging until now, but when I look back at the material or content which I have documented here, I am happy I have accomplished them and learned along the way, and that keeps me going. Anyway, enough of reminiscing … and back to the lovely dumplings ….

Fried Glutinous Rice

It was two years ago Agnes last made dumplings to celebrate the occasion, so when she went about making some over the weekend, I was only too happy to take some photos to document the activity. All in, she wrapped forty dumplings within a span of 4 hours with additional work the night before preparing the ingredients; so, now you know why people these days tend to buy dumplings, and not make them – it takes a whole lot of  time and effort to make.

Salted Egg Yolks

But by making them yourself, you have full control on the quality of the ingredients which goes into a dumpling, which affects the end result significantly – the taste. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, the higher quality the ingredients are, the better the taste ; of course, with the caveat the cook knows how to work the ingredients.

Skinned Dried Chestnuts

Dumplings can be broadly categorised into two types, sweet or savoury. Agnes tend to make the savoury type as we prefer them more. Once all the ingredients are prepared and she is ready to go, all the ingredients will be laid and arranged on the work area (our dining table) accordingly for easy reach. She will start by taking a couple of bamboo leaves and fold them to form a pocket, partially fill the pocket with fried glutinous rice, add in the accompanying ingredients which consists of a whole salted egg yolk, some dried shrimps, a couple of small dried scallops, one or two skinned dried chestnuts, a mushroom, some skinned mung beans; then top it with additional fried glutinous rice to pack all the ingredients in, complete wrapping the leaves in a manner it forms a tight ‘pyramid’ which holds all the ingredients within with no visible leaks, and tie it with a length of straw strings.

Dried Shrimps

Dried Bamboo Leaves For Wrapping (Soaked Overnight In Water To Soften)

Packing And Wrapping The Dumpling

Bunch Of Freshly Wrapped Dumplings

Cooking The Dumplings

The Delicious End Result

Once done with the tedious and labour intensive wrapping task, the dumplings are bunched together and cooked for about 20-30 mins in a pot of boiling water. Then they are ready to be savoured :). After giving away some to family and friends, we still have enough left to enjoy for a few more days … mmm … nice.  Bravo, Agnes!  and Happy Chinese Dumpling Festival to all celebrants!

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF35mm