Rainy Night At Dotonbori

Brollying Up At Ebisubashi Bridge

Dotonbori, a highly popular tourist destination in Osaka, is renowned for its variety of food, restaurants, nightlife and entertainment. Come night, it’s also characterized by its eccentric atmosphere and large, at times outlandish, vibrantly illuminated signage all over. It was a rainy night when I visited, making it less convenient to wander about, perhaps the reason why there were less visitors. For those who braved the rain that evening at Dotonbori, it was brolly walking in the rain time.  Here are some brolly filled photos from that evening, taken with a camera in one hand and a brolly the other, a juggling act at times. Hope you enjoy.

Photo with or of  Glico Man is a must when visiting …

Picture Time With Glico Man

Ladies taking a breather from the hustle and bustle …

Lighting Up At Kani Doraku

Contented customers braving the rain again after a satisfying meal at Gyoza No Ohsho …

Happy Meal At Gyoza No Ohsho

Boy finding Kuidaore Taro …

Finding Kuidaore Taro

Man heading for some Kinryu Ramen …

Braving The Rain For A Kinryu Ramen

Do you find the sparser crowd and wet glazed ground balancing and adding depth to the scenes? Maybe it was good for me to be there on a rainy night after all, photographically, that is.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 14mm


4 thoughts on “Rainy Night At Dotonbori

  1. Hello Ken-san,
    Thank you for sharing these views of central Osaka. Are they from a recent trip? While I passed by Osaka a few times during business trips a while back, I never had a chance to get off the train. So it’s great to see this part of the country through your lens. I imagine Osaka is very ‘lively’ – it’s a stereotype… 😉

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