Nagai The Busker

Nagai The Busker

a forlorn tune resonates the chilly winter air
it’s been a quiet night, a buskers plight
Nagai croons and strums with unassuming flair
an aural delight, deserving a beam of limelight

ken & agnes photoworks

Roaming the Nakasu area to check out the famed Fukuoka Yatai food stalls and some night photography, I was also rewarded with the pleasure of coming across this busker at the bridge on Kokutai Road. I stopped to listen for a while, took a few photos, gave him a tip, and walked on. He was pretty good, in my opinion, but there weren’t many who stopped to listen that night, which I thought was rather unfortunate for him.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm