A Rear View


Are you one of them who pays similar attention to what lies ahead as well as what lies behind when out  exploring and photographing? Good for you if you are of this disposition, as for myself, I am guilty on many occasions to tend to pay more attention and focus on what lies before rather than behind me, perhaps it is our innate primordial instinct to continually seek the ‘unknown’ (think adventure) as a matter of priority rather than deliberate on what we have traversed and know. And if not for a quick glance at the rear view mirror to visually check on how my daughters were doing at the rear seat, I would have missed this glorious sunset evening scene setting completely as we drove along the western coastal road of Yakushima Island. I slowed down and pulled over further down the road, set up my camera and walked back towards the tunnel to a point I could nicely frame and get the shot I wanted. It certainly pays to keep an eye on what’s at the back from time to time as we go forward, we may just find an angle or framing, a different perspective of a subject or scene for some better or more interesting shots, or something altogether different, which we have not thought of or observed earlier.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm





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