Handrail At Hand

Handrail At Hand

Superfluous and typically disregarded by the physically fit and able, but a lifesaver for the physically challenged, hand rails is an important part of making a ramp or stairs friendly for those who need assistance. A handrail was at hand on a Sunday morning photowalk and the way it was lit by the morning sun caught my eye. Just perfect for an experimental shot in composition with leading lines, balancing light with shadow and sustaining further interest with some wall textural detail.  That’s the plan, does it work? comment box just below … ;).

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm




4 thoughts on “Handrail At Hand

  1. You make something simple look so important, Ken. Love how you captured the light falling over the handrail. Handrails are always there, in the background, that friend we always need when we need a hand up to the stairs or going down it. It is our humble friend. Love the BW composition. Timeless, and gorgeous as usual. Hope all is well, Ken. Best wishes for the upcoming Qingming if you observe it, and take care.

    • hey mabel, thank you. i am giving this ‘humble friend’ more attention of late, to comply with hsse regulation in one of my current customer projects :). how i wish i could visualise and write like you do, would certainly help me to be a more prolific wp blogger. best wishes and take care from me too. regards, ken.

  2. Ken, I agree this is a very well composed and interesting image. I not only enjoy the interesting angular opposition and the light patterns on the hand rail itself, but I particularly like the subtle granular texture of the wall, picked up in such fine detail. You have a trained eye for these kinds of “still life”. I look forward to seeing addition examples.

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