Getting To Know You

Don’t we all just cherish and reminiscent on those special moments in our lives, one of which is meeting someone whom we are instinctively attracted to and desire to know more about, which eventually led to the beginning of a wonderful friendship or relationship… sweet.


Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you


Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me


Getting to know you
Putting it my way
But nicely


You are precisely
My cup of tea

Some background to this set of photos … earlier on, I bought a beer from the Santarinas and was back at my table enjoying my drink and the Christmas Market atmosphere when I noted these two lads walked up to the bar. One of them acted rather shy from his body language while the other commenced to strike up a conversation with the ladies. (sensing a candid photo opportunity, I had my camera ready) Well, whatever the topic was, it jolly worked and broke the ice, and shy boy was slowly but surely getting more acquainted with Santarina :), with a little help from his buddy.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm

with lyrics from ‘Getting to Know You’ by Rodgers & Hammerstein


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