Moshimo Performing At Fukuoka Hakata Christmas Market 2016 On Christmas Day

We had such a great time visiting parts of Kyushu, Japan end 2015 that we decided to revisit again in 2016. This time round, we planned it such that we stayed for Christmas in Fukuoka to enjoy what it has to offer over Christmas before heading home. Fukuoka is a nice city, I like it, it feels more spacious, with a more relaxed pace compared to the mega cities like Tokyo and Osaka. I highly recommend to visit for a couple of days at least, for its good food, a bit of sight seeing and shopping!

On Christmas day, after a full day of shopping (my only shopping was visiting the Yodobashi Camera outlet to get some accessories, i don’t shop much, rest of the time was accompanying the womenfolk on their shopping) and dinner, we walked over to Hakata Station to check out the Christmas Market and enjoy some live music. A local band performing that night was Moshimo. I quite enjoyed their songs and performance, though I do not understand the lyrics. With their brand of catchy and energetic sound, Iwabuchi’s sweet cute voice and charming delivery, Moshimo certainly makes for an entertaining and evocative listening experience. A brief introduction of Moshimo (info obtained from their website) and a selection of photos I took of them follows … hope you enjoy.

Moshi Moshi

Formed in April 2015, Moshimo is a a new generation J-pop guitar band popular among the younger generation mainly in junior high and high school (student rock bands) with songs that explore the realm of intricate feminine emotions such as innocence, love,  melancholy, and irony.

Vocals & Guitar:     Saki Iwabuchi
Bass:                          Kimi Miyahara
Guitar:                       Ichinose Takayuki
Drums:                      Honda Eihei

Saki Iwabuchi

Kimi Miyahara

Working The Moshimo Sound

Ichinose Takayuki On Guitar


Kimi Feeling The Bass


Lighthearted Moment

Hair Tossing Finale

More on Moshimo at

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200mm



2 thoughts on “Moshimo

  1. Very nice to hear you went to Japan over the holidays. Second time round is always another opportunity to do what you didn’t get to do the first time round. Hope you weren’t too bored tagging along shopping. Trust you had the trusty camera in hand 😉

    These shots of the band in low light are so good. I’m jealous! 😀 Good on you for knowing your equipment and shooting so well over all the heads. Even the close ups are sharp as crystal. Well done.

    • GONG XI FA CAI, Mabel. Trust you are enjoying your family reunion dinner right this moment in Melbourne. Too much to see and do in Japan, the womenfolk wants to go back again this year! Tagging along shopping – that’s how i earn my brownie points for a rainy day. Thanks for the kind words. BO BO GO SENG, SUN TI GHIN HONG. YUM SENG! Regards, Ken.

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