Rain Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day, We Need Some Custom To Close The Day

The food truck concept is certainly getting popular in KL and are now a common sight at events. Serving popular local and ‘western’ (pasta, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, etc.) food, they are in my opinion, certainly a more organised, equipped and hygienic way of preparing and serving food, not to mention the mobility which allows them to easily move from one spot to another, to where the business is.

These two boys (brothers) were helping their dad to run his Nestle ice cream business at LAMPU 2015 (I have an earlier post on it here), who has walked away for a while. But alas, it was drizzling heavily and wet through the night, with hardly any customer dropping by for an ice-cream while I was there. Both looked rather bored and resigned to the fact they will be facing slow business that night. I could imagine they were wishing for… ‘rain, rain go away, come again another day, we need some custom to close the day’. Seeing that I was struggling to wipe my camera/lens dry with the little amount of soaked tissue I had with me, one of them was so kind to offer me some serviettes to do a better job – nice boy, I thanked him with gratitude. We exchanged greetings, had a friendly chat, wish them well, and I was on my way.

I am always pleased to see kids helping out with the family business, to gain some customer facing/handling and business/sales skill, experience the challenges of work and earning a living, which I think is useful and serve them well later in life.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


6 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. I bet you are right about their wish for the rain to go away. But their bored expression, makes this photo. I love the lonely vending car in the middle of the night with the rain pouring down. Worth getting wet for.

    • hey otto, trust all is well. thanks for dropping by and commenting. wet indeed i was by the time i call it a night that night, but it was fun and exciting shooting out in the rain for a change. as you put it so well, i was absolutely charmed by the vendor car setting, and i have to thank the boys for being their natural selves when I took a number of shots, and as you pointed out, makes the shot work. ken.

  2. So nice of them to offer you serviettes to wipe your lens, Ken. I hope the next day business was better for them. Who does not like ice-cream. I even like it on rainy days 🙂

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