Walk On

Walk On

An evening shot of a yellow painted wooden shophouse side profile  turned into something more interesting as this gentleman strolled in and out of the frame, not a bit curious or care about what I was up to as I clicked away. Casually dressed in a T-shirt and a sarong (cloth wrap) and on slippers, I did wonder for a moment where he was walking to, what’s the purpose of his journey? … to see a friend for an evening chat? to a grocery shop nearby for some provisions? To my mind, life is like a continuous journey of many walks, at times easy, other times more challenging; but as long as we have the will, courage and strength to keep walking, never giving up, we will reach our destination eventually with a feeling of accomplishment and joy.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


9 thoughts on “Walk On

  1. What a cool shot, Ken!!! Just loving those colors. And for that man he looks like he could honestly care less where he is going …. no biggie. I love doing this kind of photography … spontaneous without posing. I am a bit hesitant to shoot people so I applaud you for doing so. Nice!!! ❤

    • thanks, amy. could be too the gentleman is preoccupied with his other thoughts, and oblivious to the present. unless its a ‘group/family shot/portrait’ kind of photography, i seldom take posed photos of people, i prefer to capture their spontaneous and natural element at the moment in time. depending on the situation, i could be a bit ‘shy’ photographing people too people too, but for this photo, it was ok for me as it was unplanned, he happened to walk into the scene, and i saw an opportunity to utilise him to make the photo more interesting. in fact, you could even say he ended up being the main subject!

  2. Beautifully done. Such warmth in this shot, and the man walking by looks like he is on a regular journey somewhere…he looks a bit bored to say the least lol. Hope you enjoyed that evening. Keep moving, and keep trying. And we will get there 🙂 Hope all has been well for you in photography and life in general. Take care 🙂

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