The Walk Of Faith

The Sifu At Ampang Kau Ong Yah Temple Leading The Walk Of Faith

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival is an annual 9-day Taoist event celebrating the return from heaven to earth the nine emperor deities. Celebrations commence on the eve of the 9th moon Chinese lunar calendar (typically October timeframe) with an elaborate ceremony of rituals to invoke and welcome the deities. It reaches its climax on the 9th day with the famous charcoal fire walking ceremony where Taoist priests, led by the Sifu (Master) lead devotees (devotees need to observe a 9-day long prayer and rituals) to walk across a raging fire and embering charcoal mound to clean and and ward themselves off evil or bad influences, to usher in good luck, affirm their belief and faith in their Nine Emperor Gods before the celebrations wind down and come to a close the following day.

Well, the eve of the 9th moon Chinese lunar calendar falls on the 30th September this year and as I write, activities and rituals are already in full swing over at the packed Ampang Kau Ong Yah Temple to welcome the return from heaven to earth the nine emperor deities. A vibrant and dramatic celebration is expected, as always; an enlightening and memorable experience is assured, regardless you are visiting to partake in the celebrations or to spectate and soak in its festivity and atmosphere. I plan to visit the temple to cover the event on a number of days in the following 9-day celebration period to further document special moments of this unique and absorbing celebration. Here’s hoping the gods will be kind again this year with some divine intervention to my photography :).

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Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm



3 thoughts on “The Walk Of Faith

  1. Brilliantly done low light again. Does look like things are in full swing, and walking over charcoal and embers is no mean feat. When we are devoted, that belief in us about the dieties and higher power is ever so strong.

    • when there is devotion and the belief is strong within us, anything is possible, ‘mind over matter’ so to speak. the burning charcoal is truly extremely hot, i could feel its intense heat from 30-40 feet away. ken.

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