Streetside Kuey Teow Thng Stall

A Streetside Kuey Teow Thng Stall In Penang

Penang is well known for its rich selection of tasty and good food from its diverse racial communities. One typical and unique type of food provisioning is the streetside (hawker) food stalls which can be found at strategic locations where there is ample passerby traffic and space to set up a makeshift (mobile) stall (kitchen) and set-up some tables and chairs for customers to enjoy their food. A streetside food stall that is commonly found is the kuey teow thng stall which serves bowl of kueh teow (flat rice noodle) in a thng (clear broth) accompanied by a choice of pork slices, shredded chicken or fish balls and garnished with some chopped spring onions and even shreds of lettuce at times. It can be a light or filling meal, depending on how you wish to have it, with a choice of serving size (small or large) and extras. Available at breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, it typically cost about USD 1.00-1.50 for a bowl, depending on serving size and extras required.

It’s quite a busy photo (and lots of details) showing a kueh teow thng stall open for dinner and supper, with a bike whizzing past, customers enjoying their bowl of noodle, customers leaving and customers waiting for their take-away within a pre-war colonial building backdrop. Nicely located along a streetside where the proprietor get to set-up quite a number of tables along the sidestreet itself as well as the neighbouring shoplot’s five foot walkway. For this he would have to pay the shoplot owner a monthly rental for the walkway space as well as utilities (electricity and water) usage and an annual licence fee to the local authorities.  It’s a family owned and run business, he does the cooking while assisted by members of the family or kin, who helps with the ingredients preparation, takes and serves the orders, cares for the payments, and does all the necessary cleaning-up and washing. Throughout the night until closing (typically 1-2 am), customers will drop by at random, pick a table, place their order and wait for their noodle to be served, enjoy and signals for payment when they wish to leave. Limited variety of (pack/bottled/cold) drinks are available, whereas hot drinks or beer can be ordered from the coffee shop nearby. It’s a win-win and synergistic relationship between the noodle and coffeeshop proprietors. Agnes and myself ordered a small bowl of noodle and fish balls from this stall to try, we did not have to wait long for the food to be served, it was nice and we enjoyed, better than a lot of the kueh teow thng offerings in KL.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm


4 thoughts on “Streetside Kuey Teow Thng Stall

        • don’t get me wrong, mabel, there are some gems in KL, but rather limited; or i have not had the pleasure of getting acquainted with them yet. in penang, i find i have a higher hit rate of finding a nice makan place. gurney drive stalls is not a good place to go to these days, standards have dropped significantly. we should exchange our fav resto list some day :). ken

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