Pokemon GO Craze Grips Penang

Pokemons Abound At The Intersection Of Lebuh Armenian And Lebuh Cannon

Since its launch in Malaysia on August 6th, Pokemon Go monster catching has taken the local community by storm, regardless of age, sex, creed or religion, all are armed with a smartphone to catch the lovable pocket monsters with the ability to pop out just about anywhere you are. It was therefore unsurprising, even rather amusing, when I walked into this scene last Saturday night at the intersection of Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Cannon in Penang where three PokeStops overlaps – a magnet for any Pokemon Go gamer aspiring to catch lots of Pokemons (especially for the rarer ones) and collect much needed supplies.

Kerbside Pokemon GO Action

A More Comfortable Gaming Position?

According to some locals I spoke to, there were a whole lot more people congregating at this place when the game was initially launched in August, causing massive traffic congestion to the extent police had to step in to clear the stopped bikes and cars, issue the drivers with summons to show they mean business and deter potential offenders. Traffic is affected, but the cafes and traders in the vicinity ought to be happy with the spike in business the monsters are generating for them.

Hey Guys, Come On Over, It’s Showering Pink Petals Here Now


Not much of a gamer myself, but the lure and the force of the Pokemon GO is strong, and supplemented by my curiosity to understand what the game and craze is all about, I had it downloaded, reaching a lowly Level 7 at present with the assistance of my Pokemon advisers – my daughters, the last two levels achieved right there at the intersection of Lebuh Armenian and Lebuh Cannon! (guess how i was positioned in the course of achieving the feat πŸ™‚ ).Β It’s a rather fun game to play, the basic rules of the game is easy to learn and pick up by anyone i.e. catch monsters, collect and accumulate supplies, pick a team and battle on to supremacy; hence its amazing appeal, but I hazard to guess, a difficult game to master. I doubt if I will be addicted to the game, a casual (or social?) player perhaps, nothing beyond that.

Glowing Performance In The Dark

Team Sharing – Tips And Tactics

‘Chained’ To the Game

All Eyes On The Monsters

The Battle Lines Are Drawn – Team Valor

Midnight Draws Near … And No Rest For The Trainers

I exercised a little stealth and shot quickly in some of these shots to catch the unguarded moment; nonetheless, there were some anxious moments I would be the target (‘Photogsaur’) of a couple of well placed Pokeball throws from the gamers as I pointed my camera at them and clicked away, as some of them do look like mean Pokemon warrior material.

Hope you enjoy the photos, feel free to share your thoughts/photos on the ongoing Pokemon Go craze in your neck of the woods, have a nice weekend.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm & XF 23mm



7 thoughts on “Pokemon GO Craze Grips Penang

  1. That is certainly a lot of people out there in Penang, Ken. Congregating in dimly lit areas somemore. I don’t know how you achieved those last two levels lol – how and where were you positioned? I suppose you had to put the camera down πŸ˜‰

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