The No-Fi

The No-Fi 1

The No-Fi, a rather odd name for a band which actually play some pretty good music. I do not know much about this band, to be honest, and I could not find more about them on the net, perhaps they shun publicity and online media and rather put all their attention and energy to their music making.

The No-Fi 2

I was in Penang with the family for a short break recently, and while visiting the famous (and often packed) China House cafe for their incredibly wide range of delicious cakes during tea time, chanced upon the Canteen’s line-up for the night’s performance. Sounds interesting, and made a note to drop by again later in the night for some drinks and music. We (me & Agnes) got there a little late and missed catching Mystery Tapes and The Cottonfield Scarecrows performances but were in time for The No-Fi to take the stage.

The No-Fi-3

Well, we were certainly not disappointed, The No-Fi came on for about 45 minutes and we both certainly enjoyed their music and our drinks, rather loud as the Canteen is a rather smallish venue, and we were sat quite near upfront, but enjoyable nonetheless, far from being no-fi, as they have christened themselves.

The No-Fi 5

Although it may be a little cramped and not acoustically tops,Β I do like the simplistic, old ‘decrepit’ hall look of the Canteen as a band venue, the subdued warm lighting complements and sets up the ambience of the place perfectly to photograph a band performing live.The No-Fi-6The No-Fi 7

I will try to get in contact with No-Fi for more details about the band, whereupon, I will then update this post accordingly. In the meanwhile, sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the photos I took of them πŸ™‚ while listening to No-Fi on soundcloud.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm & XF 23mm


4 thoughts on “The No-Fi

  1. Stunning shots, Ken. Beautifully done. So crisp, so sharp and well focused too, the last one of which I always struggle with. Very nice to see that the lighting was white and clear and worked in your favour. Having tried taking photos at performances where the lights are red or blue washes out the photos completely. Also nice to hear you enjoyed their set. 45 minutes is quite a bit of a set πŸ™‚

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