Creative Clouds

Enlightment (Tintin)

As one of many nature’s fractal objects, the random and infinitely recursive fractal generating process creates shape and structure of clouds that are unique, yet easily recognisable. On a clear and sunny day when the respective elements of sun and cloud partake and conspire to exhibit nature’s creativity and magic, a wonderful show can be expected.

Mother And Child (Pikachu?)

These photos were taken a while back on an August Sat afternoon in 2014. I remember the cumulus clouds formation was just incredibly beautiful and long on the day, commencing from late morning to a good part of the afternoon. In addition to the cloud formations, see if you are able to spot the pareidolia effect present in the photos, which I noted while processing them, and have named them accordingly as such.

Illuminating (Ghost)

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 14mm


8 thoughts on “Creative Clouds

  1. Ah, clouds. Always a good source of entertainment. I really don’t see a Pikachu there…but it really is a nice cloud formation. Well…maybe a slim Pikachu looking at it again 😀 Haha, I see Tintin’s dog in the first one 😉

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