Heaven Is A Place On Earth

A Twilight Evening Over Kuala Lumpur

When I saw this twilight scene as the plane was coming in to land at KLIA, the idiom ‘heaven on earth’ momentarily flashed on my mind, and it struck me there and then to be mindful how true and sacred that really is, that peace and happiness is what we make of it in our daily lives. Kuala Lumpur may not be among the top cities in the world’s rankings, but it certainly does have its fair share of charms, attributes and idiosyncrasies to boot, and it’s home. Celebrating Independence Day (Merdeka Day) next Wednesday, 31st August.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm



2 thoughts on “Heaven Is A Place On Earth

  1. Happy Medeka day for next week, Ken. Lovely view from the top. No place like Malaysia. Lot of the time I want to visit…but also I want to go to other places 😀 Wishing you well 🙂

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