Skate and Slide

Skate and Slide 2


The local Fujifilm office officially launched the X-T2 in Malaysia last Thursday at Berjaya Times Square.  As it was on a Thursday afternoon, a workday, I was unable to make it for the launch, unfortunately; but I did attend their follow-up photo walk contest event on the Sunday weekend at the suggestion of Wilson, an avid Fujifilm X-Series user who I have got to know via his blog. To convincingly emphasize and demonstrate the fast EVF and AF acquisition of the X-T2, Fujifilm marketing actually came up with the clever idea of building a complete skateboarding ramp right in front of the the Berjaya Times Square mall entrance and hire a whole bunch of skateboarders to perform their skateboarding routines while Fujifilm enthusiast set about to test drive the X-T2 AF system and give their thumbs up!

Skate and Slide 1

In the Air

Well, why are all your photos blurry then, Ken? Simple explanation, I did not shoot with the X-T2 on test, it was decided Wilson to shoot with the X-T2 for the full ~10mins to get himself better acquainted with the new beast and stand a better chance of nailing a good solid ‘motion freeze’ shot as part of the contest submission requirements (Wilson did get a couple of nice ones within the 10mins), while I kept to my X-E2 and see what I could get out of it. Just for creative fun, I went in the other direction of what Fujifilm marketing expected us to do i.e. manual focus vs. AF, a slow shutter speed vs. a fast shutter speed, to blur the motion of the skateboarders, emphasizing the speed and thrills of skateboarding, skating and sliding, along with the energetic flowing scratches the boards had marked on the ramp adding to the overall effect. Chasing after the action would be impossible given the speed the guys were moving about at, instead I pre-empted the zones where I anticipate action will occur, point my camera within the zone and fire away as the action unfolds.

Skate and Slide 3


Btw,  I got to handhold and play with an X-T2 for a while, nice piece of hardware, solidly made at a solid stellar price :), very tempting indeed.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm



8 thoughts on “Skate and Slide

    • thanks, liz. glad you feel the same about the speed and swift movement. imho, i don’t think it would have worked as well if i had freezed the skateboarders motion. i too prefer the middle shot to the rest of the set, thought i include them in for variety and as a set. thanks for commenting, liz. regards, ken.

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