A moment of candid discourse and sharing between a Buddhist monk and his peers at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand.  I was observing the group’s discourse for a while and this monk’s particular demeanour and his pair of lucid and penetrating eyes intimated to me an intelligent, kindly spirit and enlightened soul.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


4 thoughts on “Communion

  1. Lovely capture, Ken. This monk looks rather inquisitive, as if he is paying attention to his surroundings and noticing everything…well, except for you and your camera 😀 The whitish effect of this image – was this a deliberate effect? I like it.

    • i was in stealth mode :), mabel. anyway, he was very preoccupied deep in discussion with his peers at the instant. the whitish effect – blur from a window grating, which worked out well for this photo, imho. have a good week ahead. regards, ken.

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