Jimbaran Beach Serenade

The Jimbaran Beach Serenade Working Its Magic

Watching the sun set over a few drinks, in the company and good conversation of friends or loved ones, followed with a candlelit fresh seafood dinner amid a cooling sea breeze and sea waves breaking in the background, and capping it off with a serenade of your favourite song by a live music combo. Sounds like the perfect place for a romantic, enjoyable, memorable evening? To each his own, and Jimbaran Beach is certainly one of our ‘go to’ places when in Bali; nice location, good food, great atmosphere, what is there not to love but be swooned by such a serenade?

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


2 thoughts on “Jimbaran Beach Serenade

  1. Lovely low light shot, Ken. The performers and happy tourists stand out nicely right in the middle of the shot. Good weather, good food, good company – what’s not to like about that 🙂 I think I spy some cooking of food in the background…doesn’t look like wok fire but bright light…

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