Kumamoto Castle


Kumamoto Castle
It was both a feeling of shock and sadness when I heard about the Kumamoto earthquake on Friday and the accompanying tremors on Saturday. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy to Kumamoto and its people affected by the disaster. We spent about a week visiting parts of Kumamoto prefecture on our last family vacation back in December 2015 and Kumamoto was our last stop before heading for Fukuoka. I remember arriving at Kumamoto in the late afternoon, headed straight for the castle, but alas, by the time we arrived, the inner castle grounds was closed. We ended up spending time exploring the outer grounds before adjourning to dinner and then checking into the hotel. Later that night, I took a solitary walk back to the castle for some night photography. It was quiet and peaceful at the castle grounds that chilly December night, with the occasional jogger jogging pass every now and then as I walked round the outer castle grounds. From the western entrance, the castle looked impressive and majestic lit by the night lighting, which got me contemplating how life was back in the days when the castle was the nerve center of Japanese feudal governance. The above photo is one of many I took that night, not knowing that in a few months time, a major earthquake will strike Kumamoto, inflicting untold damage to the lives and property of Kumamoto prefecture and Kumamoto itself.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm


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