As I Was Passing …

Three Ladies And A Photographer, Altogether say ‘CHEESE’ now, pls.

A fine and sunny morning at Taiping Lake Gardens.  Lady calls out to a passing morning jogger and ask for his assistance to take a group photo of her with her friends on a tandem. Morning jogger happily oblige and proceed to do the needful. Ladies thank him profusely for his kindness, he smiles and jog on. Ladies happily review their photo. Moments passed … Ladies spot roving photographer, beckon to him and ask him to do the same. Roving photographer happily oblige and proceed to do the needful. Roving photographer offered to photograph with his camera for better results and send them the photos. Ladies agreed, work on their best pose, and viola, ladies receive photos via gmail not long after.

Beauties In Tandem

Well, the roving photographer happens to be yours truly, and it’s certainly a delight and an honour  to help with a photo or two as I am passing by during my photo walks. Happy to oblige and knowing I have helped capture a  meaningful moment, and put a smile on someone’s face, that’s nice.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm



4 thoughts on “As I Was Passing …

  1. What a great way to start your morning, Ken. A bevvy of beautiful smiling ladies in front of you 😀 Very kind of you to offer to take a photo of them. The photo looks fresh and vibrant, and I think you captured the ladies’ emotions that morning very well. Did you send them the photos right there and then from your camera? I’ve always wanted to know how to transfer photos from a good camera to somewhere else quickly 🙂

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