Two Apples

Two Apples 1

I love apples, especially the New Zealand varieties (Pacific Rose & Royal Gala), but the apples offered daily by the hotel’s room service where I stayed at on my recent work travel were left on its platter at a coffee table by the window, untouched, unconsumed, as there were already a good selection of fruits to choose from at the breakfast buffet, including apples. On a restful Sunday morning, I had more time in the room and noticed how nice the apples look in the morning light diffused through the window’s sheer curtains, with its colourful streaks, mottled appearance and sturdy stalks which supported its growth until ripen. I took two of the apples, replaced the metallic platter with a dark fabric cushion for a distractive background, and arranged them as pleasingly as I could while keeping them still and upright, and took a number of shots, exposed accordingly to mimic a chiaroscuro effect. According to new found scientific research, we require two apples a day to stay healthy and keep the doctor away; an apple a day, as the old and popular idiom goes certainly have ring of truth to it, if only half-true.

Two Apples 2


All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm


12 thoughts on “Two Apples

  1. Bit of a gloomy photo, Ken. But very creative. I like apples too, not the sour kind but the sweet kind. Ideally shiny and bright red. Sounds like quite a nice work trip you had there – free food 😀

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