Puteh Anggun

Puteh Anggun – A Picture Of Beauty, Grace And Elegance

I am sure many of you have had moments where you noticed or saw something where its intrinsic characteristic or quality immediately connects and seize your attention completely, if only for a brief moment? Walking along a promenade and enjoying the early morning fresh sea breeze and sun, I came across a few dogs lounged on the sandy beach below a small bridge I was crossing, likely relaxing and enjoying a sun bath after a hearty morning breakfast. They all just looked so relaxed and adorable, but this white-furred mongrel of long and slender built arrested my attention completely, perhaps it was how it lounged itself with such poise on the sandy beach, a picture of gracefulness and elegance. When I whistled at it, it looked up and straight at me, our eyes (oh! those eyes) and minds connected momentarily, and shortly after, I took this photo.

In the Malay and Indonesian language, ‘puteh’ means white and ‘anggun’ means graceful or dainty. ‘Puteh Anggun’, a rather appropriate name to give it, I think; given I did not see its owner around to enquire with, or if it has one. Thank you, ‘Puteh Anggun’, and godspeed.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm


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