Sydney Harbour From A Ferry

Sydney CBD Skyline

Work brought me to Sydney recently. A rather short and schedule packed visit but did find some time on one of the evenings for a visit to The Rocks/Circular Quay/Sydney Opera House area and catch a ferry ride out to Manly and back, for a view of Sydney Harbour from the ‘waters’ perspective.

At Bennelong Point – Sydney Opera House & CBD Skyline

The 25mins (one way) ferry ride was fun, spent the whole journey on the upper deck taking in the spectacular sights and enjoying the refreshing chilly sea breeze. Manly is nice, had a walk around, I liked the relaxed atmosphere and feel of the place. A bite to eat and some Aussie beer, and then it was back to the wharf for the return trip. Upper deck again for the sights, all good except for one big splash along the journey which got me all wet waist up, luckily I had my camera pointed down at the time; otherwise, these photos would not have been made. The blustery sea breeze dried me up in no time.

The Iconic ‘Sails’ Of Sydney Opera House

The view of Sydney Harbour was truly spectacular that night, with the overhanging clouds adding some drama and depth to the scene. I am really glad the above  shot of the Sydney Opera House turned out all right, such a famous and global iconic structure I am seeing for the very first time in person, what a beauty!

Approaching Circular Quay

Prominent Architecture – Shangri-La Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Grosvenor Place, Gold Fields House, Gateway Plaza (R-L)

All photos shot handheld (long exposure with a tripod not an option, too much movement on the ferry) at ISO 1250, lens wide open for sufficient shutter speed to minimise camera shake (the blustery breeze made it difficult to keep the camera still too). At ISO 1250, there is noticeable ‘noise’ grain, as you will see in the photos, as I have kept noise filtering to a minimum to retain detail and sharpness.

Chinese New Year is just round the corner, to all Chinese and Chinese New Year celebrants …



* * *   XIN NIAN KWAI LE   * * *

* * *     GONG XI FA CAI     * * *

  All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


8 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour From A Ferry

    • very much so, thank you, woody dragon.
      hope to be back to see more soon. in fact, i have thought about catching up with you and some other wp bloggers in sydney on this trip, but time was too short and i have to be back for the chinese new year preparations. i will make it a point next time i am over, if you are similarly inclined 🙂 .
      regards, ken.

  1. Marvellous shots, Ken! I always like seeing other people’s photo of the city where I live. It’s a shame you aren’t here right now, as we have 12 “lunar lanterns” celebrating the Chinese New Year, including three very large monkeys alongside the opera house — they would have looked great in your shots.

  2. Bravo, Ken. Very crisp night, low-light shots. And on a moving boat too. You were very fortunate that the water didn’t drown your camera. Sounded like a close shave 😀 Hope it was an enjoyable work trip to Aussie land, and you enjoyed your time here 🙂

    • it was indeed a close shave, mabel. the lens would not have a chance if the big splash had got to it. it was indeed an enjoyable work trip, too short, hope to see more when i next get the chance to visit again. thanks, mabel.
      regards, ken

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