Good Luck Arrives

Good Luck Arrives … Temple Devotees Making A Wish At A Fortune Tree Nearby

During festive or auspicious Chinese celebrations, the Chinese word for fortune, wealth, luck, fate – ‘福’ is typically used as a decor item, with some displayed topsy turvy. This is neither an oversight nor a mistake,it is intentional and for a purpose, and don’t you try to right it :). By turning the ‘福’ character topsy turvy, the single character display now denotes ‘Good Luck Arrives’, and I guess we all can surely do with a generous sprinkling of it every now and again. It’s a bit of wordplay here, the words for ‘upside-down’ (倒) and ‘arrive’ (到) are both similar in sound. Therefore, a topsy turvy ‘福’ is intepreted as “Good Luck Arrives”, surely a nice thing to have gracing a festive or auspicious day.

Would an image of a topsy turvy fortune (wishing) tree reflecting off a pool of water be as efficacious? I wonder.

Have a good ‘福’ weekend everyone.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm


5 thoughts on “Good Luck Arrives

  1. Very creative shot. And very creative that you tied it in with ‘福’. You never know. Water is deeemd to be a prosperous element in Chinese culture too, I’m sure you know that 🙂

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