The Foggy Hills

The Foggy Hills 1

Nature is the supreme artist as high humidity and cold air streams meet among the hills and valleys of the Malaysian outdoors, painting ethereal fog here, there and everywhere with each gentle stroke, blanketing the hills and the valleys as they drift ethereally among the landscape, softly caressing them.

This set was photographed recently within a span of about 30 minutes or so as I was driving along the North South Highway from Gopeng to Tapah. The fog forming among the hills was so beautiful and wondrous at the time, a perfect storm, and an opportunity not to be missed to capture its beauty.  Enjoy …

The Foggy Hills 2

The Foggy Hills 3

The Foggy Hills 4

The Foggy Hills 5

All photos: Fujifilm X-E1 with XF 55-200mm


18 thoughts on “The Foggy Hills

  1. Wonderful foggy hills, Ken. Malaysia has never looked so beautiful. In fact, I’ve never seen Malaysia look like this before. Did you pull over to get these shots? Wonderful work and great composition, which is very consistent 🙂

    • omg, mabel, hope i have not set the wrong expectation about malaysia’s landscapes ;). yes, i stopped for some of the photos, albeit briefly, as i would otherwise risk not getting a good shot in. i would have loved to stay longer, but we needed to be home early that evening. many thanks. regards, ken.

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