A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration – Pt 2

I was really looking forward to the second half of the evening’s program which features the candle lighting ceremony, lantern parade and lion dance. Folk among the warm glow of  the lit candles and lanterns certainly make interesting subjects and convey the evening’s festival atmosphere and mood beautifully, the ‘lion dance’ lions with its embellishments, lights and performance never fail to fascinate and draw the attention of the crowd and their reactions make very interesting photographs too. See if you would agree …

Good job bro, that’s a definite thumbs up for a job well done lighting them candles for the family …

Candles Alight – Good Job, Bro!

Well done to you ladies too, getting them candles burning ever so brightly …

Candles Alight – Here’s To Everlasting Peace, Harmony And Love All Over the World

It’s seems like eternity waiting for your lantern when your fellow buddies are already having fun with theirs …

The Wait

The happy faces says it all … as some of you may already be aware, Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-cultural society, it was certainly good to see a large number of the Malay students  participating in the festival and having so much fun.

Lantern Bearers

This pair of lions were getting themselves ready for the lantern parade after worshiping the gods, the kids were drawn to them like moths to a flame, having lots of fun rousing and teasing the pair of lions, something about them lions which brings out the child in a child and the child in a man, I was doing a bit of this too, can’t help it 🙂 …

Teasing The Lions

A family that lanterns together, stays together 🙂 … all set to join the lantern parade …

Family Of Lanterns

And off they go, the lantern parade is on …

Lantern Parade Is On

The lantern parade in full swing, with a senior board member leading the pack …

Lantern Parade In Full Swing

As I opined earlier, them lions do bring out the child in a man … this guy was gleefully walking along with the lions and patting them for good luck and fortune ever and again … bet he wagered big on 4D (local lottery) the next morning.

Streetwise Lions

King of the road …

And On And On It Goes …

After the lantern parade concluded, everyone gathered back at the main school ground for the star event of the night, the long awaited lion dance, the drum started pounding and cymbals clashing, signalling the start of the lion dance, the tempo quickened as the drummer vigorously pounded his drum harder and faster, the percussionists followed suit with their beating of the gongs and clashing of the cymbals.

Feeding The Rhythm

The lions came to life, acknowledged the crowd, mounted the apparatus and began their dance. Gravity defying leaping lion ! Wow !!!

Leeeeeeaping Lion !

All eyes on the lion, and you would have heard a pin dropped if not for the deafening drumming and cymbals clashing, I bet everyone’s heartbeat missed a beat when it leaped forward into mid-air, only to land perfectly on a following set of pedestals. …

Pinpoint LandingWhat a mid-autumn festival celebration, what a night. I thoroughly enjoyed being there and photographing the evening’s program, especially the second half. Kudos and thank you to the organising committee for the great job done.

You can find Part 1 of this post here.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E1 and X-E2 with assortment of XF lenses


10 thoughts on “A Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration – Pt 2

  1. Hi Ken and Agnes! Great post and great photos as always! I just received a notification that you’re trying to access my website. I’ve just relocated my blog to a new domain: allanddharmawan.com, so my old blog allanddharmawan.wordpress.com is inactive. So sorry for the late information. I’ve moved all my blog posts to the new website.

    Best Regards,


  2. Another beautiful set of photos, Ken. Well done shooting in low light. My favourite has to be the first one and it seems like that guy on the right is posing for you. How sporting 🙂 Even the Malays got into the spirit too – it is so nice to see multi-racial sentiments someplace in Malaysia these days. The times we live in… Hope all is well 🙂

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