A Walk To Feel The Sickness

Tok Philip In The Limelight

A Walk To Feel The Sickness was another aspring heavy metal band vying for honour at the the finals of a regional pop, rock and soul battle of the bands competition where F88 led by Mat Zen eventually emerged as champion https://kenandagnesphotoworks.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/mat-zen-f88/.

Feel The Sickness

Very sketchy info on them from the net … founded in January 2012, led by “Walkie Tokie” Tok Phillip on vocals and “May” Chong May Ling on guitars. The lady in the photos though is not May, perhaps a newly recruited band member or a sesssionist brought in for the competition. They played really LOUD (my ears were ringing after their performance) and Tok Philip was a bundle of ‘sickness’ energy, I liked his delivery but as a band, perhaps they lacked the tightness and cohesion sound of a winning band.


Nursing The Sickness

Long And Flowing


I am  walking on the wild side in abandon processing these set of photos.  The purist among you may cry foul, and to be honest, my initial reaction was to junk them, but after working on them for a bit, I found their raw indistinct look and energy quality rather appealing and hence this post. I look forward to your comments.

All photos: Fujfilm X-E1 with XF 55-200mm


6 thoughts on “A Walk To Feel The Sickness

  1. A bit different from your crisp and clear photos. But I like them. Very artistic and there’s an energetic and soulful vibe about these images. I like it how they are all blue toned, what a consistent set. I’ve mentioned this before, but it really is challenging to shoot musicians and bands up on stage. Lucky you got to the front. That is the greatest challenge 😉

  2. Are you kidding?! These are great images. Of course, at 70 years old, I’m not the best judge of music (I consider Van Halen to be advanced heavy metal), but modern asynchronous, atonal, and continuous riff music needs photography that captures the energy and spirit of the moment. I think these pictures do exactly that! Have faith in your skills and in the blending of your emotions with your photography! That’s one if the reasons I haunt your site, I like your style and your narrative!

    • you may not be the best judge but you definitely have good taste in music ;), all these modern asynchronous, atonal, and continuous riff music bands sound so lame when compared to the real mc coy, of course, my daughters will say its the other round, lol.
      thank you for the faith, earl.
      regards, ken

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