Attending A Low Light Photography Workshop

Cinderella’s Hat And Bag?

From the increasing number of photographers I come across spotting Fujifilm gear these days in Kuala Lumpur, I can only surmise Fujifilm Malaysia must be getting it right promoting the X Series in the market. Having a good product in hand is one thing, but that does not guarantee a product’s success in the market if the marketing for it is not done right. Most successful brand owners only know too well one of the best and potent marketing resource is for the customer to have good things to say about the product they are using, a personal endorsement of the product, if you like. And when it comes to digital cameras, which has evolved into fairly complex pieces of equipment nowadays with an amazing list of features and functionalities down to the more affordable mid and lower end models, this is more likely to occur if the customer knows well how to operate and utilise his/her camera’s features and functionality at any given shooting situation to get the photos he/she desires to capture and derives a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from doing so. No points for guessing what and how the response will be when questions like ‘how do you find your camera? does it takes good pictures?, etc.’ is posed to these customers.

Fujifilm Paparazzi Hard At Work

And this is where I think the photography workshops catering to diverse skill levels (beginners to advanced) on various photography topics which Fujifilm Malaysia (perhaps even Fujifilm global) organises on a regular basis is a winner in this aspect. Some are free while for others, a token payment is applicable. I have attended a couple thus far, the first was a workshop by Elia Locardi ( back in early June where he shared his vision and practice on travel photography; and just recently, low light photography which was conducted by Kim Boon (, an established local photographer who takes great pleasure in teaching the young ones about photography.

‘A Smile Over Here, Please’

The workshop kicked off with Kim Boon giving a talk on the art of low light photography, no comments here, as rather unfortunately, I mistakenly went to the wrong location before getting there eventually. By the time I arrived, Kim Boon was winding up his talk and proceeded to brief everyone on the practical photo shoot coming up next. Kim Boon introduced Nutserlar and Anna, our two lovely models for the evening, and took us through the low light shoot scenarios we will be attempting ourselves shortly. I personally like Kim Boon’s relaxed delivery and light-hearted facilitating style, with a dose of humor every now and then to give the proceedings that element of fun. In the course of the hour and half practical session, we tried a repertoire of indoor low light shoots, street low light shoots and then some even lower light level shoots. Natasha and Anna did a really marvelous job modelling for everybody and tried their best in helping everyone get the images they wanted.

Altogether Now … Click! Click! Click!

GAS rearing its head …

Oh! How I Wish I Owned An X-T1

Besides having fun photographing fellow Fujifilm enthusiasts doing their thing and having fun, I happily went about mine too, experimented and tried a few things, here are some photos I attempted in the course of the practical session which I am quite pleased with how they turned out.

Checking out creamy bokeh with a high speed lens wide open and Nutserlar …


Juliet sees Romeo …

‘Juliet 1’

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo …

‘Juliet 2’

The mundane and simplest of things make interesting subjects over a coffee and right light …

Coffee Table & Chairs

Everyday is a good day for breads and pastries, just love them, don’t ask me why …

Tous les Jours

Anna in a lovely side profile pose, she was actually posing for someone else at the time, but I liked Anna’s smile there and then and how the light and its coverage was falling on her and clicked my shutter too …


How often does one get to photograph a pretty lass on a bicycle delivering hot bread …

Some Like It Hot!

Kim Boon Showing How It’s Done

We all have our own unique way of seeing and reacting to what’s around us …

A Different View

Fellow Fuji enthusiast working in earnest to nail the perfect shot …

Nailing The Shot

Quick 101 on street paparazzi shooting …

Street Shoot

‘Be mindful of how and where the light falls on the subject and use it creatively, push and test the camera’s low light level capability to its limits, crank up the ISOs’

Do You Mind If I Grab A Shot First, Buddy

Getting That Up Close And Personal Shot

Thus far, I find the Fujifilm workshops well organised, conducted and are worthwhile and fun to attend, I would encourage fellow Malaysian Fujifilm enthusiasts to subscribe to FM’s mailing list (or check their Facebook) for upcoming events and pick those they think suitable or inclined and have a go.

I had fun and learned quite a bit that evening, and I daresay everyone else did too, if I may say so, judging from the general remarks and the many happy faces that evening, thanks to Fujifilm Malaysia, Kim Boon, Natasha & Anna.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm, mainly shot @ISO1250 (SOOC N-Hi film simulation jpegs with minor tonal tweaks)


8 thoughts on “Attending A Low Light Photography Workshop

  1. Never knew Fuji was that popular in Malaysia. Never knew they had workshops every now and then. Everyone looks so focused taking photos of the models. Great clarity in your photos. Nikon seems to be very popular here in Australia, as opposed to Fuji.

    • They are getting there, i do believe, but Nikon and Canon are in an altogether different league and still command the lion’s share of the market. The local Fujifilm office is very active in organising these workshops, I hazard to guess the Australia office would be doing the same too, do enquire with the Fujifilm Australia office of check out their FB site if you are interested. Beautiful ladies never go out of fashion ;), they certainly got the bulk of the attention from the attendees. Thank you for your comments, Mabel.
      Regards, Ken

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