One For The Road

An Ice Cream Or A Snack For The Road

One of the last photos I took the day we visited Galle, Sri Lanka a couple of years back. School children were assembling back at this spot where buses were waiting to ferry them home after an enjoyable day’s visit to the historical city of Galle. Both ice-cream and snacks seller obviously know their ground well and timed their visits perfectly to conduct their sales. Ice-creams for the bus driver and his conductor before hitting the road, and snacks for the boys to munch on the journey home. It was a simple and delightful scene unfolding …, the ice-cream man closing another sale, his tricycle cart light the sole light source illuminating the area, the snacks seller carrying snacks on the head and approaching the school children for sales through the bus windows, the men enjoying their ice-cream over a conversation. Perfect!

It was when I just had the X-E1 with its kit lens and getting myself acquainted with it during this holiday. The lens OIS worked like a charm (I was impressed) keeping this low light shot rock steady at a low shutter speed.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E1 with XF 18-55mm


5 thoughts on “One For The Road

    • :), turn it on for handheld shots, turn it off for tripod shots as the OIS actually ‘vibrates’ in the opposite phase to cancel off any potential vibrations. when shooting with a tripod, which is ideally ‘still’, you would not want the OIS to introduce unnecessary vibrations to what is already still. (hope my wording is clear for you ).

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