Answering Nature’s Call In A Perfect ‘Back To Nature’ Setting

No prezzies for guessing what this is, I am pretty sure all of you would be able to figure it out after a short while. In Malaysia (and I believe in Indonesia too), they are known as jamban (pronounced as ‘jahm-bahn’), a rudimentary toilet construction usually found in villagey or ‘off the beaten track’ locations and where the wonders of nature is present to ‘care’ for the waste. I came across this rather quaint looking one at a fishing village, built for the convenience of workers working at a nearby fishing jetty, and located close to the sea amid a swampy mangrove forest, taking advantage of its foliage for shade, a perfect ‘back to nature’ setting to answer nature’s call ;).

As you can see, rather low in height and small in size (I will have a tough time getting in and out of the cramped space), accessible via a wooden walkway branching off from a main walkway. Nope, i did not have a need to try it out then, but I hazard to guess it would not be too comfortable to use (to discourage workers from idling in there?), but then when one is in urgent need to answer nature’s call, and have no other viable options to consider, then this jamban is godsend. Whatever that drops or flows down the toilet to the swampy area below will be gobbled up by the rich population of micro-organisms proliferating in it or the sea when swept away by the tidal currents. Nature take its course.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm


2 thoughts on “Jamban

  1. Such a lovely shot of the jamban. In fact, you make it look very scenic. I trust that the wooden walkway is steady, but it really does not look that way to my eye 😀 I wonder if answering nature’s call in the bushes would be a more comfortable experience…then again, this is a very strategic location to go if you need to go. As you said, a great place for nature to take its course 🙂 Well shot.

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