Morning Paper Rush Hour

The printed newspaper still has its followers in Malaysia despite the emergence of the online digital version. For me, and i think this goes for many others too, my preference is reading the printed version where and when the situation permits. Of course, the online version has its merits of being digital, convenient and providing instantaneous updates on breaking news. The tactile experience of touching and feeling the texture of the newsprint when reading and flipping through the pages, with the subtle smell of the print pervading the air stirring the olfactory senses, it’s the whole natural organic experience of reading which I am used to and which the online version is unable to replicate.

Morning newspaper home delivery service is still available in Malaysia although its a dying trade due to escalating costs, difficulty in finding workers to do the work, lowering demand and low margins. If you are staying in a residential area where the neighbourhood’s newsagent offers this service, then lucky you, you can get to enjoy a morning newspaper read with your breakfast to start the day off well informed on current news. For that to happen though, the newspapers need to reach the respective homes early!  Let’s have a look at how it’s done under the cloak of morning darkness at one of the neighbourhood’s newsagent which provides this service.

You have to be a natural early riser to do this work as the morning’s newspaper publications arrives as early as 4.30am and the clock starts ticking there and then, the morning paper rush is on …

Morning Paper Rush … The Clock Is Ticking

Things move at a quick pace, the newspapers’ publication and quantities are picked and sorted according to respective delivery routes, then loaded onto the respective delivery bikes …

Sort Them Out, Load Them Up

The delivery man does a final check before heading out to make his round as the morning darkness gradually turns to dawn as day breaks …

Time To Hit The Road And The Homes, Jack

All Photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 14mm


10 thoughts on “Morning Paper Rush Hour

  1. Hello there,
    I’ve been looking at your photographs. They are just wonderful and so varied. I really like them but I can’t find a Like button to show my appreciation. We are just learning about photography and so enjoying it. I hope you have a lovely day. Su x

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