A Visit To A Ramadan Bazaar

The Crowd At Last Saturday’s Shah Alam Stadium Ramadan Bazaar

On most weekends, especially after a long and tiring working week, the family tend to take things easy and for meals we either lunch/dine out at our usual favourite restaurants (it’s becoming more and more of a challenge finding new ones which we like these days, perhaps we are getting more discerning in ‘what we get/what we pay for it’) or do some simple take aways. As it’s now the Ramadan month, the Islamic holy month of fasting (Eid al-Fitr is this Sunday), there are the Ramadan bazaars offering a wide variety of food and drink and typically open for business from 4pm onwards till break fast time, with a plethora of stalls offering a wide selection of local favourites for all to enjoy. Last Saturday, it was unanimously agreed dinner would be Ramadan bazaar food and at 5.30pm we happily headed over to the Shah Alam Stadium Ramadan bazaar to find our dinner 😉 …

Met with a cheery and happy team at a drinks stall doing good business that evening. Note the typical Hari Raya (Eid al-Fitr) decor consisting of pelitas (traditional oil lamps) hung on the picket fence and green ketupats (cooked rice wrapped in woven palm leaf squares) with lights hung across the canopy’s front …

A Friendly Drinks Stall Selling An Assortment Of Drinks

Where there is fire, there is smoke; and where chicken wing grilling is in full swing, you can expect plenty of it. This lady was so busy and totally engrossed in her work that she did not even notice me. She could barely cope with the orders, grilling and fanning at full throttle …

Grilled Chicken Wings Stall

I admire this guy at a chicken rice stall, it was extremely busy and hard work at his stall, but he was absolutely happy and enjoying it all, attending to his customers with aplomb and a smile. Chicken rice is an all time Malaysian favourite, explaining the popularity of his stall. Of course, you also need to have a good product to offer …

Service With A Smile At A Chicken Rice Stall

From a different angle …

Closer View Of The Delicious Chicken Rice Packs

Hot off the wok nasi goreng (fried rice) and mi goreng (fried noodle), even the babies want some ;), sorry, not just yet …

A Fried Rice And Fried Noodle Stall

Freshly pressed watermelon juice for the lovely lady …

Watermelon Juice Stall

Curry puffs is a common snack loved by all Malaysians, young and old. Typically comes in beef, chicken, sardine or potato filling. I loved the look and colour of the puffs at this lady’s stall … should be good, the queue is ample proof.

The Ubiquitous Curry Puffs Stall

If curry puffs is not your thing, how about some cakoi (deep fried pastries e.g. croissants, spring roll, etc.) instead …                 (btw, note the text on the guy’s T, very true, isn’t it?)

Cakoi (Deep Fried Pastries) Stall

This chap offered me a free pack of drink for having his photo taken. Good man. There must be something about them drinks sellers, they are all happy and cheerful, another fine example here …

Friendly Drinks Stall 2

Choices , choices, choices … we had a tough time figuring what to buy too, mind you …

Equally Good Crowd At The Other End Of The Bazaar

Nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), another all time favourite among Malaysians for breakfast or a meal. Typically goes with beef rendang, chicken rendang, sambal sotong (squid) or sambal udang (shrimp) or kosong (plain) and some cucumber, slices of hard boiled egg, fried anchovies and fried peanuts. Absolutely divine! I just love the look of them nasi lemak packs packed in the traditional way using banana leaf (adds that subtle but discernable flavour to the rice) and newsprint (yes, newsprint). Our older generation sure knew a thing or two about maximising the use of resources and the good of recycling.

Nasi Lemak Sotong (Coconut Milk Rice With Squid) Wrapped In Banana Leaf And Newsprint

A ‘flying’ fried noodles stall … good wok’wing’ skills, bros.

A Fried Noodles Stall

Now, when I came upon this stall, i just knew it, I found my dinner! I love ayam percik and by the looks of this stall and the crowd, very likely a winner …

An Ayam Percik (Grilled Chicken Cooked in Special Spicy Sauce) Stall

Checking out the delicious stuff and action up close … thumbs up! 😉

The Delicious Ayam Percik And Action Up Close

And to finish on a colourful note … how about a cendol (shaved ice with short strands of green ‘wormy looking’ flour noodles, assortment of coloured jellies, tinned corn kernels, red beans, evaporated milk and palm sugar) or a cincau bandung (rose syrup with evaporated milk and liquorice jelly)?

Chendol And Cincau Bandung Drinks Stall

By the time we were done at about 7.00pm, the crowd was thinning out as everybody was either heading back home or somewhere convenient in preparation for break fast at 7.30pm. We headed for home to enjoy our goodies.

An earlier post on Eid al-Fitr and additional photos can be found here.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 23mm.


7 thoughts on “A Visit To A Ramadan Bazaar

  1. Your photos of the bazaar are very well done; I love the sense of action, the textures of the food, the colorful dress, and the faces of the people. This is street photography at it’s best. You’re right, the drink sellers look really happy! The should be ashamed of themselves. I’m having a really nice time going through your previous blog entries. I continue to enjoy your simply written and very personal narratives that accompany your photographs. I like this approach very much.

    BTW, you should ring up Ming and invite him to lunch or breakfast. He’s busy, but he certainly seems to be accessible.

    • thank you very much for your kind words and support, earl, am pleased to know you are enjoying the blog. asking ming out for a lunch or breakfast, that’s a great suggestion, do you know him personally? attended one of his workshops?
      you are an AI guru, yes? lecturing, consulting and authoring at the moment?

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