The Perfect Sunset

A Photographer’s Sunset Moment

It was just past 6.30 pm, the usual time at this time of the year for the place to start filling up as more visitors make their way here to enjoy the day’s sunset. It has been a sunny and hot day, but comparatively milder than recent days; and with a nice breeze blowing, it doesn’t feel as hot than it actually is.

He’s been back on a number of occasions to photograph more beautiful sunsets than he had previously captured since he started visiting this place. The evening sky’s colours look good except for the thick cloud cover obscuring the sun. Although the weatherman forecasted sunny clear skies, it did not look a bit like that now and he wished there was a way to figure this out more precisely. Anyway, there is still a good 30-40 mins to go, the thick cloud cover may clear or thin out, fingers crossed. He picked a spot, set-up for the shoot and waited.

Upon spotting birds foraging further out to sea, he decided to venture out to get closer to them. Cautiously, he negotiated his way to the end of the rocky seawall. One misstep and he could end up with a nasty injury, damaged gear or both. Once settled, he took quite a number of shots of the birds, and discerning his elated reaction while checking his shots; he most likely shot some winners. Minutes passed, the sun sank lower and lower, and it got darker and darker. The clouds did not clear that evening, but the golden sky and emerging twilight was beautiful and special just the same.

He lit up and enjoyed the moment, appreciating the beauty and serenity of the place. ‘It’s always good here’ he thought to himself. Not the perfect sunset capture he had hoped for but nonetheless an enjoyable and satisfying visit to Redang Beach yet again.

Photo: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 35mm panorama


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Sunset

  1. What a beautiful capture, Ken. That sunset was certainly very cheeky, showing a sliver of itself to tease you, to tease you into visiting again I’m guessing. Love the way you narrated the experience in third person and in present tense. Felt like I was there watching the whole show of nature right in front of me. Good work as always, and great writing too 🙂

    • thanks, mabel. it’s a trick i know too well, but alas, i fall for it time and time again. the good thing is, i get to buy some fresh seafood and local (setiawan) rice for the family when i visit, besides getting some nice photos.
      i am not good in writing, but i try to for the blog as a short story helps to place an image from the photographer perspective, imho.
      have a good week.

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