Gust 1

It’s that time of year when we get plentiful of sunshine and rain with the ubiquitous lalang (Imperata Arundinacea) blooming profusely everywhere. A sea of its fluffy silvery-white cylindrical flower stalks and vibrant spears of green leaves is a pleasing sight indeed – evokes a summery feeling in me :); nevertheless, it is known as a weed in Malaysia with considerable resources invested into curtailing its growth. I was trying my luck to photograph some at an open field yesterday, knowing that it might rain by the look of the sky. Well, the weather did take a turn for the worse, the sky started turning dark, with strong gusts of wind blowing now and again, sweeping and bending the flower stalks along in its direction. I took these photos setting the camera to a slow shutter speed to capture their energy and motion just before the rain came and it was a quick dash back to the car for cover thereafter.

Gust 2

All photos Fujifilm X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


4 thoughts on “Gust

  1. Lovely lalang photos, Ken. I like the second one more. You really do get the feeling that the wind is blowing them senget, I mean, crooked. Living dangerous while shooting photos…don’t blame you. I’m like that sometimes 🙂 Have a good week ahead.

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