What Katy Did Next

What Did Katy Do Next?

 I took a number of shots of this important event, selected a couple of them and while writing up for the post, I figured for a change it would be nice to hear from you a story build on this first image and see if anybody can guess the actual outcome.

So, here we go … work out where and what is happening with this first image and what Katy did next and drop me a comment.  Katy may not be her real name but I thought rather nice sounding for the title based on the famous children’s book by Susan Coolidge. I will post second image (answer) sometime next week. No prizes up for grabs except for the sheer satisfaction you got it right! Have a go, put on your thinking cap, and I wish you a very good weekend ahead.

Answer (posted on 16th April)

Well, Katy was actually with her life partner and wedding photographer on location at the 7th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for their photo wedding shoot. The organiser and balloonist was kind enough to grant them their wish of having some photos taken in a hot air balloon, so very nice of them. It was rather hot inside the balloon and the bridegroom was noticeably working up a sweat posing for the photos. But it is all worth it and fun, isn’t it? to cherish the romance and sweet memories of when they both began their new lives as a loving wedded couple. I am sure the couple is rewarded with a beautiful set of photos from the day’s shoot.

Here is one of them working on a jump pose shot which is very much in fashion nowadays.

Katy And Her Life Partner Having Fun Posing For Their Wedding Photos

Sorry for the belated answer and thanks to all who had a go at guessing the answer.

All photos: Fujifilm X-E1 with XF 14mm lens.


9 thoughts on “What Katy Did Next

  1. Here is my story for What Katy Did Next. It was fun to write, though I’m very sure it’s not what actually happened! 😉
    Katy pushed through the throng of dancers in the ballroom and escaped onto the wide terrace. She fled from the scene of her humiliation, the heels of her dancing slippers tapping on the stone stairs and the trailing skirt of her red ballgown billowing behind her.
    How could I have been so wrong about Count Baranyi? she thought in despair. He does not love me at all!
    Tears filled her eyes and she stumbled through the garden. Onward she ran, for what could have been hours or only minutes.
    Ahead, a soft glow of light like the rising sun cast the dark trees into silhouettes. As Katy neared, she gasped at the wondrous sight of a hot air balloon lying on the grass. She heard the muted roar of gas burners and watched as the balloon stirred to life. Katy ran forward, drawn to the luminous semi-circle of rainbow colours as surely as she had been drawn to Count Baranyi’s side earlier this night.
    “Oi, you!” came an irate shout. “What do you think you’re doing, running over my balloon like that? Get off with you!”
    Katy’s ballgown swirled in a cloud of crimson as she turned toward the man’s voice. “I’m sorry! But it’s so beautiful, I could not resist.”
    The scowl on his dark, proud face softened at her words. “Aye, it is a beautiful thing. But it’s not meant to be trod on by silly women in dancing shoes.”
    She kicked off her shoes and ran lightly to his side, the feel of the balloon’s silk like cool water beneath her bare feet.
    “Are you going flying? May I come with you?” Katy asked. She had not realised how tall the man was, and tilted back her head to meet the obsidian glimmer of his eyes. “Please?”
    He shook his head. “This is no pleasure jaunt. I am leaving this country forever. This balloon will take me to a new life in a new land.”
    Katy clutched the sleeve of his worn jacket. “Oh, then please take me with you! There is nothing for me here!” Nothing but heartache and shame, she thought.
    The man’s laugh rang with scorn. “You! A spoiled rich girl! Why would I take you?”
    “You just said it yourself: I’m rich.” She dangled her small beaded bag in front of his face, and shook it so he heard the clink of gold coins. “You will need money for that new life.”
    For a moment, he looked at her with an unreadable expression on his face. Katy’s heart beat loud in her ears and her breath quickened.
    Then he stooped, and in one quick movement he swept Katy and her ballgown into the wicker basket of the balloon.
    “What do I do next?” Katy asked.
    His teeth flashed in the orange glow of the flames as he grinned at her. “Hold on tight.”


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