Golden Torch

Golden Torch Lighting Up The Shrubbery

Native to Central America, the Caribbean islands, South America, and some of the islands of the South Pacific, there is an amazing 450+ species, varieties, hybrids and cultivars of heliconias. The Golden Torch (Psittacorum x spathocircinata) is a vigorous and hardy heliconia that has extremely large golden boat-shaped bracts with deep butter yellow flowers, which contrast beautifully with its large banana-like leaves, creating a colourful and dramatic display all year long. Their brilliant exotic show and easy growth makes them a favorite garden subject throughout the tropics, establishing it as a popular landscaping plant.

Golden Boat-Shaped Bracts, Deep Butter Yellow Flowers

All photos: Fujifilm X-E1 with XF lenses


9 thoughts on “Golden Torch

  1. Beautiful flower. Beautiful shot, Ken. This one is so clear, almost as if the heliconia is popping out at me. You are right. It’s leaves do look like bananas. It would be amazing if bananas did grow like that πŸ˜€ Amazing photography as always.

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