Every now and again, I visit my friendly mechanic for either a routine maintenance service or a repair job on my trusty Honda which I have chalked up innumerable kilometers with since i had it. Eric is his name, and the man I trust and go to every time to put things right and keep my wheels shipshape, of which I am sentimentally attached to after all these years.  Now, besides being very good with cars, Eric is also a very nice guy with a soft spot for dogs. Stray dogs have come a calling at his garage, decided to stay (i suppose Eric’s soft spot for dogs have something to do with it) and made it their home, and Eric happily welcome and cares for them. Naturally, a number of offsprings came about soon after.

Ghost 2

A Ghostly Spirit

All looked normal, except for one. Appearance wise, nature has been a little cruel to this fella. Its pale patchy ginger and black coat coupled with his pair of forlorn and glazed eyes conspired to give him a ghostly appearance, which Eric affectionately christened Ghost. Not a common name you would normally give a pet, but in this case, a rather fitting one. On closer observation, Ghost does cut a sturdy handsome figure typical of mongrels from certain angles, and when I peer into his pair of gazing eyes, i see signs of a friendly, kindly and intelligent ghostly spirit! See if you agree.

Remembrance Of things Past

All Photos: Fujifilm X-E2 with XF lenses


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