Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Money Does Grow On Trees?

I been laid off from work
My rent is due
My kids all need
Brand new shoes

So I went to the bank
To see what they could do
They said son – looks like bad luck
Got a hold on you

Money’s too tight to mention
I can’t get an unemployment extension
Money’s too tight to mention …

Money’s Too Tight To Mention, Simply Red

Sign of the times … these ‘fast loan’ posters strategically hung on tree trunks along a road for maximum visibility and attention to interested parties clearly spells out the tough financial times some of us are experiencing at present. Money’s too tight to mention. As in any adversity, opportunity knocks, and there is no shortage of lenders (a.k.a. loan sharks) who are prepared to assist by offering fast cash services, non-collateralized, to tide things over. But of course, as we all know too well, money does not grow on trees, and these loans do come with very harsh interest terms, which in all likelihood will lead the borrower into deeper financial quagmire and nightmare … hard times indeed.

Translation to aid in understanding the posters’ text:
pinjaman = loan,  peribadi = personal,  berniaga = business,  bulanan = monthly,  mingguan = weekly,  tukaran cek = cheque cashing.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm



3 thoughts on “Money’s Too Tight To Mention

  1. Great capture, Ken. You make Malaysian roadside ads look very striking, and important. A sign of the times, didn’t know it was getting to this point in Malaysia but I am not surprised since cost of living has been going up a lot over the past few years three. I would never trust to call a number like that…don’t want to end up like the victim in one of those loanshark dramas.

    By the way, Happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi 🙂

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