Catching The Light

Catching The Light

As photographers, I daresay many of us have had our fair share of visual serendipity moments. Whereby a scene or a subject presents itself right before our very eyes or we stumble upon one, unexpected, unplanned and at times, in the most unlikely places. Our gut feeling says ‘yes’, urges us on and we’re on autopilot to get the shot. As a consequence, a beautiful and memorable moment is captured and cherished. It may not necessary be a great image beyond our personal sphere, but the event and the experience itself, at least, makes it a personally memorable and satisfying image. One such eureka moment occurred to me over the weekend on Sunday morning. I was in a woods, my attention mainly drawn to the trees and taller plants. When one of my camera’s batteries went low, I decided to rest for a while after changing the battery and just enjoy the woods. It was then I spotted this patch of low lying plants nearby on a shady slope, their leaves catching the morning sunlight beautifully, some ‘glowed’ while others had a nice sheen, revealing their delicate line structure.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200 mm


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