Ketup Ketup

Bauhinia Kockiana – Simply Magnificent And Glorious

A perennial flowering woody climber native to Malaysia and Indonesia, the Bauhinia Kockiana (also commonly known as Kock’s Bauhinia, Red Trailing Bauhinia, Climbing Bauhinia or Ketup-Ketup, Katup-Katup, Bunga Merak (in Malay)) is a vigorous climber that can easily reach a height of 10-15 feet when cultivated or up to 40 feet or more in the wild jungle or forest. Its luxuriant foliage displays ovate to elliptical leaves that are medium green in color, glossy and deeply veined with three distinct nerves running from the base to the apex of the leaves.

Orange Delight

When in bloom, spherical clusters of stunning inflorescence ranging in colors from bright red-orange to orange and golden-yellow – its distinguishing feature, are simply magnificent and glorious to behold, which explains it’s popularity as an all time favourite ornamental plant in Malaysia. Any home and garden would be enlivened by its bright and beautiful blooms. My initial intend was to photograph a thicket of gorgeously flowering violet bougainvilleas along this stretch of road which catches my attention every time I drive pass. When I finally got to doing it last weekend, I found this beautiful bush of brightly coloured Bauhinia Kockiana beckoning me from further down the yard. I was only happy to oblige, kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.


Wishing all a good weekend, and to the Chinese readers, happy shopping and getting your ducks in a row prior to the big day this coming Thursday.

All photos: Fuji X-E2 with XF lenses.


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