Frenzy 4 KAP

Feeding Frenzy

 the sounds familiar, it’s farmer Cain
the last feed was hours ago
and there just wasn’t enough to go around
farmer Cain, let it go, let it flow
i want my fair share this time round
shove, splash, snap … its feeding frenzy all over again

Ken and Agnes Photoworks

The Heat Is On

 Native to the African continent, the tilapia is a hardy fish; it spawns and grows at a fast rate and is a voracious eater with an undemanding diet feeding on just about anything it finds. This set of characteristics found them introduced into Malaysia in the 60s as an economical and ecological friendly way to clean up edible waste in rivers, drainage and irrigation canals.

Frenetic Figure Of Eight

Over time, the aquaculture industry took an interest in them too as their attributes made them ideal to be cultivated as a cheap source of food fish for the lower income folks – poor man’s fish. These days, it is a staple fish with a wider appeal among the local folks and commonly available in the local markets and restaurants; they are no longer ‘cheap’ like before but prices are still comparably lower than a lot of other fishes. The most common and popular is the the red tilapia, which was developed by the Taiwanese aquaculture industry back in the late 80s.

There are many ways of preparing this fish (e.g. deep fried, baked, salt grilled, steamed (with bean sauce),  etc. etc. etc.) and they all taste super yummy. Its meat is tender, sweet and juicy. My personal favourite is salt grilled.

The photos are of a school of tilapias in a breeding pond at feeding time.

All photos: Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 with XF lenses


12 thoughts on “Frenzy

  1. They tend to get noisy too when all their mouths start to go crazy! I like both salted grilled and deep fried. Then I also need some soy sauce w/ lemon and chilli to make it better (with rice on the side, of course) 🙂

  2. Lovely photos of the fish. I don’t think anyone would want to fall into the bit of water anytime soon… Didn’t realise it was popular in Malaysia until I googled it and realised I have eaten the steamed version of it a lot growing up. Love it with the saucy bean paste 😀

    • oh my god! its divine with saucy bean paste.
      reminds me of my grandma who used to prepare the fish in that way.
      ah! the simple things in life. if you are visiting Malaysia, drop me a line, I would like to invite you to a restaurant in KL known for its salted grilled tilapias.

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