Kodak Moments

Kodak Moments 1 – Wow! Great Pose, Now Give Me A Big Smile Girls

The Sunway Pyramid Skating Rink is one of the very few ice skating rinks available in Kuala Lumpur. As there are so few of them around, understandably, it is packed during weekends and school holidays. As additional business, there is a resident photographer who works the rink photographing the skaters, the prints available for sale if they want them. It is interesting to watch how each session play out; the way he goes about effortlessly engaging the skaters for a photograph, who are only too happy to oblige, suggesting and correcting their pose, the shutter clicks and viola a ‘Kodak Moment’ is captured for posterity. This man has honed his craft to perfection.

Kodak Moments 2 – Hands On Your Knees And Say ‘Cheese’

We have a lot to thank Kodak for when we click the shutter and capture a moment in time. Kodak, a pioneer, a technology leader and industry giant in the photographic industry in its heyday, the company who invented the first digital camera and the Bayer Pattern color filter array (CFA) which is a core digital imaging technology still in use in today’s modern digital cameras. Which leaves me to wonder how and why a company with such accomplishments had failed to capitalise on its expertise and leadership in the field, eventually exiting the consumer digital imaging market altogether in 2012, now dominated by Japanese companies the likes of Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and Fujifilm.

All photos: Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


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