OJ Law @ Urbanscapes 2014


OJ Law

OJ Law

If not for Urbanscapes 2014, I would not have got to know about OJ Law and his music, a talented local songwriter/singer/producer currently making waves in the local music scene. With three different venues running performances in parallel, we have to make some tough choices on the acts we wanted to watch. Urbanscapes 2014’s blurb on OJ Law earned him a spot on my list …

‘… OJ Law’s catchy melodies and arrangements have won him much critical acclaim and an ever-increasing fan base falling for the charms of his music. And we’re excited to have him at Urbanscapes. Singlehandedly writing recording and producing his songs, the multi-talented singer/ songwriter/ producers has released three albums to date. His breakout 2011 album, “Yesterday is a Distant Dream”, a soulful indie rock/electronica album featured heavyweight pop songs like ‘Fantastic Adventure’ (feat Liyana Fizi) and ‘Start/Stop’. It was awarded Timeout KL’s Malaysian Album of 2012 and was also a Deezer ‘Best of 2012’ pick. After three years of recording, OJ Law returned in 2014 with ‘Tongue-Tied’, a slice of disco-house tinged with crunchy guitars and filled with swooning strings, infectious guitar licks and unforgettable vocal hooks …’

And we were not disappointed, OJ Law and his band was just superb, I especially liked his hit songs ‘Tongue Tied‘ and ‘Fantastic Adventure‘, (a duet with Liyana Fizi) with its infectious organic melodies and simple clever lyrics.

‘Why don’t we go and take a trip, and get away somewhere?’ still rings in my head :). Charming!

All photos: Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 with XF lenses

‘Minor Threat’ Licking The Bass


Multi Talented Guy On Guitar, Keyboard and Percussion

Multi-Talented Guy On Guitar, Keyboard and Percussion

Fantastic Adventure Duet With Liyana Fizi

Fantastic Adventure Duet With Liyana Fizi

Liyana Fizi

Liyana Fizi

OJ Hitting The Notes

OJ Hitting The Notes On A Nord Electro 4



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