Kimbra @ Urbanscapes 2014

When I got to know to know about Urbanscapes 2014 (, a local creative arts festival (like a mini Woodstock) to be held at the hilly and cool Genting Highlands area featuring both local and international acts, I figured it would be the prefect event to bring the girls for a first hand experience of established artiste/bands performing live.

My girls attended music lessons from a young age at Agnes’ insistance and over the past few years, they have come to realise their respective music inclination and pursue their interest respectively. Both of them now sing quite well, have their own bands at their music school, perform in school and public events, and are absolutely up-to-date on the current pop music scene. As for myself, I regret to say I have no musical training, do not play any musical instruments but do have a love and appreciate music very much; from rock to pop, classical, etc. there is a whole lot of stuff out there which I like very much.



So, last Saturday we spent the entire day at the Horse Ranch, Resorts World Genting (a 60km drive north east of Kuala Lumpur, towards the Titwangsa Mountains) enjoying Urbanscapes 2014. The big attraction (for me at least) was of course Kimbra, a chart toppping New Zealand female pop artiste now based in Australia, who was on the last leg of her Asia tour. Hats off to the Urbanscape organisers for their coup in bringing her to Kuala Lumpur. I am not a big fan of Kimbra, although I have heard and liked a number of her songs like ‘Settle Down’, ‘Cameo Lover’ and ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ – the Grammy Award winning duet with Goyte which received a lot of airplay on the local radio a while back.

Belting Out The Hits

The venue filled up quickly as her performance neared. At 9.30pm, she appeared on stage. She covered some of her big hits and also new stuff from her latest album. It was a phenomenal and captivating performance, Kimbra was a bundle of energy, delivering a powerful and energetic performance with her singing and moves, before long, everybody was fired up and moving to the rhythm. Her band was great too. It was truly a memorable performance and I could see everybody enjoyed her performance tremendously.

The Lighting Choreography Was Stunning Too

Slave To The Rhythm

An Expressive And Emotional Kimbra Moment

Interacting With The Fans

I am glad I had the opportunity to watch her perform in KL and the organisers allowed photography to non-official photographers. Kudos to the Urbanscapes organisers for the kind consideration, unlike other events organisers I know of.

Kimbra, if you are reading this … you have one more fan here in Malaysia, i will be looking out for your new releases.

All photos: Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 with XF lenses


11 thoughts on “Kimbra @ Urbanscapes 2014

  1. Lovely shots of the concert. So much clarity and as Sreejith said, it’s difficult to capture night shots. Well done. I’m going to a music concert next year. It’s a standing-general-admission one, so don’t think I’ll get as decent shots.

    • thank you, mabel.
      there were a whole bunch of duds too ;( , its not easy when the the light levels keep changing. at times, you just have to manually set the camera, time your shot and hope for the best.
      hopefully, you can secure a strategic and unobstructed location by arriving early.
      if you don’t mind me asking, which concert is this?
      best regards,

      • Hard to tell from your images that there were duds, but I trust you 😀 Thanks for sharing the best with us. It’s also hard to predict how the performers will move on-stage too (and their expressions), so luck does play a part in getting decent shots.

        I’ll be going to dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling’s Melbourne show next year. I got VIP tickets so hopefully I’ll get to stand at the front like I did at her show last year, where I only brought along a Canon Ixus. Tossing up between taking my Fuji XE-1 and Canon G7X this year.

    • thank you, ron.
      if i had known you were there … we could have a chat over a few Tiger beers; alas, missed opportunity.
      i watched jagwar ma too, but only for a while, as it clashed with kimbra’s performance.
      enjoy the weekend.
      best regards,

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