Happy Deevali

Pair Of Peacocks Kolam KAP WM

This year’s Deevali (Festival Of Lights, beginning of the Hindu New Year) falls on the 22nd. October. As a country with a significant number of Indians (Hindus) constituting its multi-racial population, Deevali (more commonly called Deepavali in Malaysia) is celebrated in Malaysia. It is typical for Indian families to invite friends of different races and religions over for an ‘open house’, which helps to cultivate stronger ties among Malaysians and promotes unity in this multi-racial country.  A common practice during this festive season is the drawing of kolams (also known as rangoli), a symbol of auspiciousness, in homes, temples and shopping malls. Kolams geometrical patterns & designs, usually drawn at entrances using white stone powder or rice flour, invites Goddess Lakshmi into a premises, driving away evil spirits. A variant of the kolam, and this is commonly found in Malaysia, is filling-in the kolam with rice grains dyed in deep vibrant colours, like the one in the photo above, which I came across in a newly opened shopping mall.

Wishing all Deevali celebrants a Happy Deevali and best wishes for the new year. Happy holidays.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


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