Driving Into The Sunset

Driving Into The Sunset On The South Klang Valley Expressway

The sun that early August evening was spectacular, like a huge yellow orangey fireball with an intense orangey halo, and sinking fast into the hills as I was driving home from work along the South Klang Valley Expressway. I quickly slowed to find a place where I could safely stop a while  to grab a few shots before it faded and disappeared completely beyond the hills.

Wishing all a good weekend.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 55-200mm


9 thoughts on “Driving Into The Sunset

    • thanks, john.
      i really had to act fast to find a suitable spot to stop as the sun was really sinking fast, i am sure you have experienced the same, that brief duration when the glowing sun is at its most beautiful (imho) just before it drops off from view. i think what we see at this point is not the sun itself, but its refraction by the earth’s atmosphere.

  1. That is one gorgeous photo. I too have seen the sun like this, so HUGE and I was really shocked to see how fast it sank towards the horizon. The sun at this time of year is moving in ways I really don’t remember it doing before. Anyways, really great shot!!! Thank you. Love, Amy

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