A Moonlit Starry Night

A Rather Special Moonlit Starry Night On 31st. August 2014

It was a rather special day yesterday, Malaysia celebrated its 57th year of independence (Merdeka Day) and the Moon, Mars and Saturn was very close to alignment. We went to a nearby coastal village along the West Coast to spend the afternoon and dined at a nearby restaurant in the evening. It was a clear night where we were, the waxing moon’s bright pearly glow was mystically beautiful and the sky was littered with stars. This photo was taken from the beach at approximately 10pm. Mars is the little dot just slightly to the left of the Moon, Saturn is right behind the waxing Moon at the time and unfortunately not visible due to the brightness of the waxing Moon.

As luck would have it, the two famous constellations, Libra and Scorpio were in close proximity too and clearly visible. Libra is slightly north-west from the waxing Moon and Scorpio is right in the center of the frame, its ‘sting’ at mid-height/one-third frame length from the left, tail and body winding down and left, with the head pointing in the direction of Libra and the Moon.

The beach is usually a good place to photograph the stars and skies from as there is less spurious light sources around which can ruin the long exposure required to sufficiently register the ‘faint’ stars.

My apologies if the image appears ‘blank’ except for the waxing Moon on ‘low sensitivity’ screens due to the low light levels of the stars/constellations.

Wishing all a good week ahead.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 14mm


6 thoughts on “A Moonlit Starry Night

  1. This is pretty interesting. Really. You have a stuning astronomical knowledge. But, what this alignements means? Why the alignements are special?

    • thanks you, meho. my astronomical knowledge is rather limited actually 🙂 , i just read up on the bits that interest me. near alignment/alignment of mars and saturn occurs every two years, nothing special there. for it to occur in close proximity to a waxing moon and the libra/scorpio constellations is rather special as that takes a much longer time for it to re-occur again.

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