Golden Chains

Golden Chains

Some of you probably noticed its been a while since I posted a flower post. Truth is, I ran out of flower material to post as I have been remiss of photographing flowers for a while. Therefore, last weekend, I decided to visit a local park and see if I could find some interesting flowers to photograph. I did find a few, one of them were these beautiful golden yellow chain like flowers bunches (inflorescences) dangling from its branches. The golden yellow and chain like shape (i also think they resemble lanterns) of these flowers bunches populating the tree is certainly attractive to look at and eye catching, especially when they are swaying in the wind.

The tree is commonly known as the golden chain tree (lophanthera lactescens). An attractive semi-deciduous tree, native to Brazil and growing to about 20 m in height, it is planted as an ornamental tree along streets as well as in gardens. Upon further research, I found out that the tree species was introduced to Malaysia fairly recently with an interesting tale behind it. The story goes that the golden chain flowers caught the attention of Tun Dr. Mahathir, then Prime Minister of Malaysia, during his official visit to Brazil. Upon his return, the Forest Research Institute Malaysia in Kepong was tasked with studying the plant, and adapting it for introduction to Malaysia as an ornamental and landscaping tree . Within a couple of years, the first plants were available for sale, but they were few and expensive then.

That’s my ‘flowers for the weekend’ post for this weekend, have a good weekend everybody.

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with 55-200mm


7 thoughts on “Golden Chains

    • thank you, i am happy to know you like the picture.
      where possible, i tend to prefer including some of its leaves when photographing flowers, to associate it to the plant and give it a green element.
      wishing you a good weekend, josephine.

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