A Mighty Long One

A Bunch Of Boys Watching A Mighty Long Soap Bubble Releasing And Carried Away By The Breeze

These boys at Sekinchan’s Redang Beach were certainly happy chaps that afternoon , getting them long bubbles off their loops with the help of a strong breeze blowing at the time. It was just a pleasure to see these kids having so much fun playing together, having a ball and enjoying themselves in abandonment over a simple traditional and timeless activity of soap bubble blowing, rather than finger swiping themselves silly on a mobile device screen over a computer game, which is far too common these days. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most enjoyable and cost almost next to nothing, and where ‘longer’ is desirable, like a longer lens (Fuji, how about XF 400mm lens for BIF shooting), longer lasting batteries, a longer drive, longer holidays, etc. …. but in the case with these boys, it was going for mightier and longer bubbles that afternoon.

The Redang Beach sunset is quite stunning if you are lucky to catch it when the conditions are just right, I have written about it in an earlier post here .

Photo: Fuji X-E2 with XF 14mm


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